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Whether you give me a prompt, a specific design, or need some guidance, I'm happy to work from any starting point. Coming up with new designs is often my favorite part of the process so feel free to throw any idea my way no matter how big, small, or crazy.


The timeline of course depends on the scope of the project, but my general turnaround for something like a cutting board is two to four weeks. I'll send plenty of updates and pictures along the way.


Like the timeline, the price depends on many variables so I don't have set costs but will do my best to work within your budget. Cutting boards are generally between $125 - $450 depending on size, wood selection, and complexity. Quotes are always free.



I work mostly by commission and have built everything from cutting boards to jewelry boxes to tables to ukuleles. Take a look at my Portfolio to get an idea of past work and contact me if you would like to inquire about a custom project. 

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